About Volex Auto

We are a professionally owned and operated business, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

We are a volume buyer of automotive salvage from the insurance corporation of British Columbia, which is a government insurance company operated by the province of B.C., as well as additional vehicles from auctions. Our company handles all major makes and models of Japanese, European, and North American vehicles.

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Our Mission

Why we are different?

Reduce / Reuse / Recycle. Three steps that bring us closer to our goal: to preserve resources for future generations.

Results Driven

To continuously monitor and improve our performance at a reasonable cost.

Customer Focused

To satisfy our customers’ agreed requirements and contracts in every respect.


To make a fitting contribution to the community and environment in which we live and conduct our business.

Service Oriented

To provide the people, expertise and resource to ensure a first class service to our customers.

Exclusive look into our warehouse operations.

All of our warehouse stock is computerized and inventoried. With over 22000 different parts in our inventory, we are sure to have a fit for you.

All of our parts are removed and label by OEM standards. We ensure cross-part compatibility and fit thanks to our wide range of OEM catalog subscriptions.

All of our staff has over 10 years experience working in the automotive industry.

A quote from our CEO

We’ve built our reputation and trust by supplying quality parts at competitive prices with dependable service.


Here’s a cross section of what customers we work with…

“Serving over both Grandcity auto repair shop locations”

Grandcity Autobody Terry Kim

“Serving over 30 dealership auto repair shops.”

Destination Toyota Burnaby The Destination Team

“Serving over 16 local Craftsman Collision auto repair shops.”

Craftsman Collision Vancouver The Craftsman Team

“Serving over 12 local Kirmac auto repair shops.”

Kirmac Collision Burnaby The Kirmac Team