Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

General Questions

We are an auto recycling / auto shipping company. We purchase salvage vehicles from local auto auctions and sell parts from those vehicles to local insurance companies and individuals. We also supply customers with cars from the local market and ship them overseas.

Feel free to to use our online inventory to find the part you need. Can’t find the exact part? No problem. Feel free to call/email us and we will do our best to help you.

We are always looking to add new clients to our shipping portfolio. If you plan on shipping more than 4 cars a month, please send us an email.

Wholesale Questions

We have several overseas wholesale clients and are always looking to add more to our portfolio. If you are intrested in purchasing parts wholesale, please contact us over phone/email.

Warranties and Returns

Most engines we sell have been compression tested and verified to have true mileage and no defects. All of our engines come with the original vehicle VIN and mileage. For this reason, we only offer a 14 day return period on all engines/transissions. For all other parts there is no warranty.

Each part we sell is tested and checked for flaws, and we strive to sell only the highest quality of parts. For this reason we offer a 14 day return period on all parts with the original receipt. No returns without receipt.

A Few Creative Photos from our Warehouse in Maple Ridge.

Our staff is experieced with over 22+ years in industry. We strive towards a professional approach to all work we do – from the initial order, to the paperwork, to the delivery, and finally the support. Enjoy a few sampled photos of our work.

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